Oil and petroleum derivatives

Almy’s primary trading activity is wholesale and retail of oil and petroleum products, distribution of oil and bitumen, and retail LPG for freight and passenger vehicles.

Being engaged in this activity today we own five petrol stations located in Zenica, Zavidovići and Sarajevo, terminal of oil derivatives in Zenica and Sarajevo, and oil storage in Zenica. Our storage capacities for petroleum products are over 2,000,000 liters. In addition, we have fifteen drives for the transport of all kinds of liquid petroleum products. We are registered as distributors and importers of all types of petroleum products.

With our gas stations we operate cafes, markets, exchange offices, car service and specialized stores for wholesale and retail of auto parts, oils, lubricants and tires for passenger and commercial vehicles. In particular, we would like to point out that besides the gas stations in Zenica there is a modern equipped motel and restaurant. This catering facility is an ideal place for all travelers who wish to enjoy a pleasant ambience, excellent service and an excellent choice of culinary specialties to take a break from driving.

In addition to retail sale of petrol pumps, many of the legal entities and individuals, as well as public institutions in the Federation of BiH, are supplied with petroleum products. We are able to offer our partners direct purchases of petroleum products from most European refineries with the possibility of transporting them.

Following the European trends, we note that in our work we use the most up-to-date information systems. In our business we have complete electronic tracking of transport and trade of petroleum products, which gives our partners and customers safety in the accuracy of the quantity and quality of the delivered petroleum products. Every customer who wants to, we are able to provide our own consumption control via an electronic card for scraping petroleum products at our petrol stations. We also emphasize that despite the fact that all types of petroleum products are imported from the EU and that they are of the same quality as in other European countries, we are constantly monitoring the quality of petroleum products through authorized and certified laboratories for quality control.

With this continuity we strive to be better every day in what we do. This rapid development and success in the oil sector was achieved thanks to the achievement of our goals, namely: quality goods, highly professional personnel, professional services and customer-oriented business. What makes us different from other companies are the various benefits we offer to our customers, such as discounts for fidelity and discounts on the quantity of goods purchased, as well as various prize games and gifts. All this is the guarantor of your safety and satisfaction with the services of our company.

Our commitment to live and work in accordance with the natural environment instructs us to apply all aspects of environmental protection. All of our facilities are equipped with the necessary filters and separators to prevent any environmental pollution.

BP Almy Zenica 1
Address: Vrandučka bb, Business Zone Pecs.
Phone: +387 32 446 040
e-mail: bpzenica1@almy.ba
Services: Almy Market, Coffe2Go, exchange office, quick service, vulcanizer, auto parts and equipment store, Free WiFi, LPG, AdBlue.

BP Almy Zenica 2
Address: Ričice bb.
Phone: +387 32 446 320
e-mail: bpzenica2@almy.ba
Services: Almy Market, Almy Caffe, Coffe2Go, quick service, vulcanizer, auto parts store and equipment, Free WiFi, LPG, AdBlue.

BP Almy Sarajevo
Address: Bojnička 62, Ilidža.
Phone: +387 33 466 433
e-mail: bpsarajevo@almy.ba
Services: Almy Market, Almy Caffe, Coffe2Go, Fast Service, Free WiFi, LPG.

BP Almy Zavidovići 1
Address: Dr. Pinkasa Bandta bb.
Phone: +387 32 868 630
e-mail: bpzavidovici@almy.ba
Services: Almy Market, Coffe2Go, exchange office, auto parts store and equipment, Free WiFi.

BP Almy Zavidovići 2
Address: Radnička bb.
Phone: +387 32 878 530
e-mail: bpzavidovici@almy.ba
Services: Almy Market, Coffe2Go, auto parts and equipment store, Free WiFi, LPG.

Director of the sector
Name and surname: Almir Begić
Phone: +387 32 446 320
Fax: +387 32 446 321
e-mail: almir.begic@almy.ba

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