Auto industry

The sales program from the auto industry sector includes products from oil, lubricants, tires and spare parts for freight and passenger vehicles.

Almy is a long-time authorized distributor and importer of the world’s largest oil company Shell, and we are also the general distributor for Bosnia and Herzegovina of oil, lubricants and non-freezing fluids from Alpet Turkey. In our sales range you can find other world brands of motor oils: Castrol, Mobil, Olma, Nisotec …

We have gained significant success and reputation among our customers with the sale of Bosch, Topla and Magneti Marelli batteries and in our authorized battery service we also service them.

We also sell spare parts through our specialized store in Zenica as well as through retail facilities within the gas station.

We offer passenger and freight tires of the world’s best-known brands at the best prices with the possibility of on-site installation. We successfully cover all segments of the market: from the most favorable to the most demanding offer of high quality! If we do not have any of the tires currently on condition, we deliver them on order in a very short time! Warehouse of oils, lubricants and rubber and non-freezing liquids is located in the company circle at Vrandučka bb, Business Zone Pecuj, Zenica.

We have several delivery vehicles for quick delivery of your orders.

The car parts store is located in Zenica right next to BP Almy Zenica 1 and you can find all the goods from the car industry program at our gas stations in Zenica, Sarajevo and Zavidovići. For purchased spare parts, installation in fast-moving services in Zenica has been provided.

Two quick servers are located in Zenica and are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment.

We especially emphasize the control and change of oil in the engine,, the filter, the lining, the discs, the tiles, the filter, the broom, etc. In these services, services are provided free of charge oils and filters purchased in our company.

At the same site there is a vulcanization service which is also equipped with the top equipment for disassembly / assembly and balancing of all types of tires and professional trained service.